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Standard pressure sensor CS 40

Standard pressure sensor CS 40 for pressure ratio 0...40 bar measures with accuracy of full scale 1%. For more exactly measurement in the same pressure ratio we offer the CS 40 sensor with accuracy of full scale 0,5%.

Output signal: 4...20 mA, 2-Wire

Power supply: 8...30 VDC

Technical Data: 

Wetted parts: 316L 

Housing: 316L 

Non-linearity: 0,5 BFSL 

Parameter: bar 

Type of pressure:: relative, absolute, vacuum 

Measuring range: 0…16 bar, 32 bar overpressure limit 

Process connections: G 1/4A according to DIN 3852-E 

Sealing: NBR 

Permissible temperature: 0…+80 °C 

Output signal: 4…20 mA, 2-Leiter 

Power supply: 8…30 VDC 

Accuracy at room temperature: < ±1 % of span (optionally < ±0,5 % of span) 

Electrical connection: Angular connector DIN EN 175301-803 A, ingress protection IP 65, wire cross-section up to max. 1.5 mm², cable diameter: 6…8 mm 

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