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DS 400-Set for dew point measurement in compressed air systems

For stationary dew point monitoring of refrigeration or adsorption dryers. The touch screen graphic display enables an intuitive operation and shows the progress of the measured values. 2 alarm relays are available for monitoring of threshold values. Available either with a classic analogue output 4...20 mA or optionally with digital interfaces like Ethernet and RS 485 (Modbus protocol). As a stand-alone solution the measured data stored in the optional data logger can be read-out via USB stick and evaluated by means of the software CS Soft Basic.

Special Features of dew point measurement DS 400-Set

  • 3.5" graphic display - easy operation with touch screen
  • System ready for plug-in: Everything completely wired
  • 2 alarm contacts (230 VAC, 3 A) pre- and main alarm freely adjustable
  • An alarm delay can be set for each alarm relay
  • 4...20 mA analogue output
  • Option: Ethernet and RS 485 interface (Modbus protocol)
  • Option: Webserver

Option: Integrated data logger

  • Recording of the dew point progression of up to 100 million measuring values
  • CS Soft Basic for evaluation in graphic and table form. Read-out of the data either via USB stick or via Ethernet


Dimensions: 118 x 115 x 98 mm IP 54 (wall housing) 92 x 92 x 75 mm (panel mounting)

Inputs: 2 digital inputs for FA 510 resp. VA 500/520

Interface: USB interface

Power supply: 100...240 VAC, 50-60 Hz

Accuracy: please see FA 510

Alarm outputs: 2 relays, (pot. - free)


Data logger: 100 million measuring values start/stop time, measuring rate freely adjustable

2 additional sensor inputs: for connection of pressure sensors, temperature sensors, clamp-on ammeters, third-party sensors with 4...20 mA 0 to 10 V, Pt 100, Pt 1000


Measuring range: -80...20 °Ctd resp. -20...50 °Ctd

Accuracy: ± 1 °C at 50...-20 °Ctd ± 2 °C at -20...-50 °Ctd ± 3 °C at -50...-80 °Ctd

Pressure range: -1...50 bar, special version up to 350 bar


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0601 0512

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Z500 4001 

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