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DP 400 mobile - Mobile Dew Point Measurement with Pressure Sensor

For measurement of all humidity parameters under pressure up to 16 bar.

The portable dew point meter with integrated, rechargeable battery has been developed especially for the eld use. Besides a highly precise dew point sensor the device also contains a precise pressure sensor up to 16 bar. So in addition to the dew point in °Ctd, the temperature in °C and the line pressure in bar also further moisture parameters (% RH, mg/m3, g/m3) as well as pressure-dependent measuring values (g/kg, ppm v/v, atm. dew point °C) can be calculated.

Special features:

  • Precise dew point measurement down to -80°Ctd
  • Robust case for field use
  • Integrated pressure measurement up to 16 bar
  • Integrated measuring chamber with integrated dry container protects the dew point sensor during transport and grants a quick adaptation time
  • Long-time stable humidity sensor: precise, insensitive against dewing, quick adaptation time
  • Optionally available: 2 further sensor inputs for external sensors
  • Optionally available: Integrated data logger


Display: 3.5“ Touch screen

Measuring range: -80...+50°Ctd -20...+70°C 0...100 % rF 0...16 bar ± 0,5 %

Accuracy: ± 1°C bei 50...-20°Ctd ± 2°C bei -20...-50°Ctd ± 3°C bei -50...-80°Ctd

Humidity parameters: g/m³, mg/m³, ppm V/V, g/ kg, °Ctdatm, % rF

Interface: USB inteface

Option Data logger: 8 GB SD memory card (100 millions values)

Voltage supply for external sensors: Output voltage: 24 VDC ± 10% Output current: 120 mA in long-term use

Current supply: Internally loadable Li-Ion batteries approx. 12 h continuous operation, 4 h charging time 

Connection: 6 mm plug connections

Ambient temperature: 0...+50°C

EMV: DIN EN 61326-1 


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